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Inquisitive Imelda - The Change Journey
Inquisitive Imelda - The Change Journey
Inquisitive Imelda - The Change Journey
Inquisitive Imelda - The Change Journey
Inquisitive Imelda - The Change Journey
Inquisitive Imelda - The Change Journey
Inquisitive Imelda - The Change Journey


Create your own personalised Change Journey

Here's the thing about self awareness... it's an incredibly personal journey and when you are just starting out you are not sure what you are going to find or indeed, how you are going to react to what you find. So why on earth would you want to sit in a workshop full of strangers and undergo this deeply personal process?

Which is why I have created these personal 

I'm so excited that you are contemplating undertaking a Change Journey, trust me... you'll be amazed at how much you discover about yourself and how, with just a little bit of focus, you can bring the changes to your life that you are seeking.

Below are all the different ways you can participate... 

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Self Awareness


with TCJ Cards

Easy to Use
Self Directed

Purchase the Change Journey Cards and then each morning draw a card, read the booklet that comes with the cards and then bring your awareness to how that character shows up in your life that day, or how you respond to situations in relation to that character. Essentially the cards provide you with a focus for 24 hours, so you can increase your self awareness.

When you purchase The Change Journey cards, you'll also receive a FREE copy of The Change Journey book, this book expands on the characters and provides you with some insights of my Change Journey. 

Writing by the Water


the heart of


Girls Night In
Self Awareness

Becoming self aware is all about bringing your conscious mind to your subconscious thoughts and behaviours.


In this workshop, you will discover the simplicity and power of self awareness to bring more enjoyment and happiness into your life moving forward.


You will learn simple techniques that you can apply straight away that will help your self awareness muscle to grow and thrive.


This workshop is practical, experiential and completely and utterly devoted to you. You will have the chance to focus on one or two areas of your life to gain greater clarity and direction for change.


It will be an afternoon of learning new ways of thinking, practical implementation and creative expression with a little spirituality woven throughout.

Woman at Work


the heart of


Self Awareness
Deep Dive

For those who have attended a Girls Night In and would like to get to know themselves even further.


Held with a group of your choice, this session can be delivered as a one day workshop or a weekend retreat and will provide you and your closest friends with the opportunity to return to the heart of who you really are.


The structure of this experience will depend on your group but will include: 


Discovering Your Core Values


These are your strongest instincts that you operate from. When you know and understand your core values you become aware of what is truly important to you. You will understand why you really enjoy some things and not others, or why you really resonate with some people but not others. You will also be better equipped to handle the way in which you respond to events and circumstances, which helps you feel more empowered and in control.


Core Beliefs are your unique and innate personality structure that shapes the way you see yourself and the world. 

Using the Enneagram model you will gain unique clarity about your personality type and why you think, act and react as you do. The Enneagram is like a detailed guidebook for exploring your innermost thoughts and feelings and overcoming limiting patterns, thus steering you toward personal growth and returning you to the heart of you.

Three generations of women


Self Awareness into Everyday

Monthly Sharing Circles
Likeminded Women

Learning the practice of self awareness is one thing, but bringing it into your daily life can take dedication and commitment. Both of which are much easier when you have the support of a group of likeminded women, travelling a similar journey to you.

These monthly circles are a chance for you to learn as you grow. A chance for you to share your amazing wins and seek advice on any challenges you are having.

The circles are small, safe and wholesome space that allows you to travel along your Change Journey with fun, laughter, support, love, a warm hug, encouragement, confidence, clarity and direction.

“One of the best things I've done, the simplicity and the complexity of it are just amazing."
"I can now easily see patterns I have fallen into, that I can choose to change to create more opportunities and joy in my life"
"I have just loved working with these beautiful Change Journey cards. I have gained such clarity around who I am and what I want moving forward."
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