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Come and spend an afternoon completely and utterly devoted to you. An afternoon learning an easy to follow process of self-awareness, diving into one or two areas of your life to gain greater clarity and direction for change.


The workshops are an afternoon of learning new ways of thinking, practical implementation and creative expression with a little spirituality woven throughout.


You will discover the simplicity and the power of self awareness to help you:

  • Re-discover your brilliance and happiness

  • Return to your original wholeness

  • Find deeper meaning to your existence

  • Develop strength and motivation

  • Expand your horizons

  • Raise your thinking

  • Develop independence and confidence

  • Rise to greater heights

  • Fulfil your destiny

  • Achieve your goals

  • Gain clarity

  • Feel divine, powerful beyond measure

  • Valued and energetic

  • Embrace your true self

  • Find your inner strength

  • Be free to make new choices

  • Discover the power to create the outcomes you want


You’ll leave the afternoon with:


  • Clarity

  • Direction

  • Confidence

  • Balance

  • Excitement


You will receive:


  • A professional yet nurturing afternoon devoted to you

  • All supplies you need to enjoy the self-awareness process

  • A copy of The Change Journey book and a set of Change Journey cards

  • Light afternoon tea

  • An easy to follow process that you can continue to use afterwards

  • Support and guidance

  • A chance for you to freely express yourself without any judgement

  • A chance for you to spend an afternoon completely and utterly benefiting yourself and your future happiness



Here’s what others have said about this workshop:


This workshop is one of the best things I’ve done. The simplicity of it and the complexity of it are just amazing… and they work so well together. And you Nikki are the best facilitator I’ve ever come across and I’m very particular in that department having been a trainer for many years, so thank you…. it’s been quite amazing.



Nikki's workshop today was a perfect way to start the year. As she explained, knowing that we have the answers within us is one thing but understanding and analysing why we think, act and react in a certain way leads to the self-awareness we need to change and thrive.  Listening to Nikki's own Change Journey and working with her beautiful Change Journey cards today helped me to see patterns that I've fallen into that I can choose to change to create more opportunities and joy in my life.

2024 dates are being organised now.

Workshops are held in Sydney and Batemans Bay

If you are interested in attending, please use the contact page to register your interest.

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