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To help you live a life you love

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One of the fastest ways to create a successful Change Journey is to attend one of my presentations / talks to learn more about the power of self-awareness. 


Live Events:


If you run or attend a networking group that has live speakers and you're looking for an interactive, genuine, enjoyable session, give me a shout as I'd love to come and speak with your group.

"As an Event Organiser for a personal development group for seven years, I found Nikki to be approachable, knowledgeable, kind and passionate about what she does. Nikki spoke to the group in an easygoing manner that allowed everyone to be comfortable and express themselves easily. I would highly recommend Nikki to other groups and organisations. Thanks for speaking to our group."


Michelle Sully, Newcastle Personal Development Group


Online Events:

I have created a beautiful online event community within the Meetup platform. It's called Learn to Live a Life you Love, but it's based on all the Change Journey characters and principles.

Each monthly event is a chance for you to move forward faster on your Change Journey and meet other like minded souls along the way.

Here's what some of the attendees say about my events:

"As Nikki took us through her self-awareness process, several of my behaviours came to mind where I realised that I can completely change how I experience my life. I was left with an expanding range of new possibilities now open to me. It was a great presentation with massive practical daily application potential."

"This presentation helped me to see patterns that I've fallen into that I can choose to change to create more opportunities and joy in my life."

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The monthly events are a combination of:

  • Workshops - where you can learn about how to Live a Life you Love via the Power of Self-Awareness

  • Online hangouts - where you can get to know other like minded people and share your journey with them

  • Discussions - where each attendee comes with a question and the group acts like a mastermind to offer solutions based on their learnings and experience.