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In 2005 Nikki Lane left her marriage for no other reason than she wasn’t happy. She wasn’t being abused. They didn’t fight, and they didn’t hate each other. She just looked at her life one day and wondered, ‘How on earth did I end up here?’ This wasn’t the life she wanted to live and neither was her husband the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

She decided that living a mediocre life wasn’t enough for her . . . and left. Turns out, it was the best decision she ever made.

The Change Journey is a guidebook to creating self-awareness in areas of your life that may be causing you stress. It’s a journey about exploring emotions—learning to be and feel in every moment, regardless of the situation. It’s a journey about creating awareness around how to shift more easily into positive thinking when you find yourself feeling negative. And how to find happiness and joy now, regardless of what is going on in your life.

The Change Journey imparts all the tips and wisdom that Nikki discovered from her own Change Journey. These gems of stories and information are broken into ten stages of self-awareness with forty-four characters (alter egos), to meet and reawaken qualities within you. These characters are powerful energetic beings supported by the symbolism of their respective flowers.

Nikki Lane

Nikki Lane is a Business Manager, an Infinite Possibilities trainer, an energy healer and a qualified Florist certified in Flower Therapy. She is highly organised and efficient, with a deep spirituality and intuition. She has used this unique mix in both the corporate and wellness sectors over the last ten years.

Having undertaken her own Change Journey to self-awareness, she is now sharing her experiences and messages with clients from all around the world via her Change Journey programs.

Nikki lives in Australia, is a wife, a mum, a flower enthusiast and a gym-goer. Best of all, she is loving life and living each day with joy.

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