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Resilient Ramona
Resilient Ramona
Resilient Ramona


Re-discover the heart of YOU!

I'm so glad you are interested in learning more about hosting a ladies night in with your inner circle of friends... below are more details on what you can expect and how to make this enriching evening happen.

The evening is for women who want to explore... 


  • The value and power of heightened self-awareness so you can define what’s most important to you, right now.

  • How to re-discover the real you: switch on curiosity and gift yourself permission to find the passions, dreams, and authentic desires that are waiting for you just under the surface.


  • Simple ways to create positive change: gain fresh clarity to make confident life choices that create joy and fulfilment.


What you can expect...

  • A tailored evening just for you and your friends, learning about the power of self awareness and how it can change your life for the better

  • An opportunity for you to connect and have fun with your friends whilst delving into personal growth at the same time.

  • Expert guidance and wholehearted facilitation of meaningful conversations and thought provoking activities.

What you and your friends will gain from the evening...

  • Insights into your passions, dreams, and authentic desires.

  • Learn how to make confident life choices that bring joy and fulfilment.

  • Deep dive on 1 - 2 areas of your life where you feel like you would like some change

  • Experience self awareness in a safe and intimate setting where everyone can feel comfortable to share and grow.

  • Strengthen bonds by having deep meaningful conversations and creating support structures to help each other moving forward. 

  • Leave the evening feeling inspired, equipped and motivated to continue your self awareness journey and pursue your goals.


How it works...

  • Invite a few of your closest friends to join you... between 5 and 10 people is optimal. The minimum number is 4 (3 friends and you).

  • Choose a day and time that works for your group... sessions can be held on Fridays or Saturdays and can be a daytime or evening event

  • Session length is three hours

  • Select a venue that works for your group... sessions can be held in your home or in a private room at a restaurant.

  • As the host, you have the flexibility to provide food and drinks to whatever level you prefer. Feel free to include alcoholic beverages if you'd like.

  • I'll arrive 1/2 hour before your guests to set up and we will create a magical evening together.

Next Steps

  • Let's chat and create a personalised experience to suit you and your friends.

  • Fill in the enquiry form on this page and I'll be in touch to arrange a suitable time for us to connect.


  • $95 per person

  • Each attendee receives a pack of The Change Journey oracle cards, a journal (both of which will be used on the evening) and a copy of The Change Journey book.

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Ladies Night In Enquiry

So if you'd like to reconnect with the heart of you and start a new journey into happiness, empowerment and increased confidence, let's chat and begin the change joureny for you and your friends.

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