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How To Be More Hopeful

How to be more hopeful - The Change Journey | Hopeful Henrietta

Hope is something that people may think is a little bit wishy washy and a bit unstructured or having no purpose, yet it's actually quite important. Having hope gives you excitement, it helps with your manifesting, it increases your resilience and it opens you up to all new possibilities and opportunities.

When we start out on a Change Journey and set our goals, hope is this little buzz of excitement inside us that just keeps us moving forward. So when things get hard, we bring in hope to help us get through, hope provides a light at the end of the tunnel and keeps us moving forward.

Because hope is the emotion that is leading you towards things that bring you joy and give you an excited, happy feeling. The more that you can embrace this hopefulness, the better off you're going to be on your Change Journey.

It's really hard to define hope in a one-size answer that is going to suit everyone. Hopeful Henrietta is one of the characters that definitely needed to be in the book and part of the Change Journey, but you can't really say to someone “go and get hopeful”. So hope comes from so many different areas, and it’s about drawing strength from all other areas of the book, especially the core principle;

  • Grateful Greta - gratitude is one of the best ways that you can stay hopeful because you're looking at everything that you're currently grateful for and that puts you in a state of enjoyment and positivity and happiness, and then that helps you to feel more hopeful for the future because you know that you've done it in the past.

  • Optimistic Olivia – when you are optimistically looking towards the future, you are looking for the positives in everything and when we're doing that that, it brings in more hope.

  • Creative Cora – when you're expressing your creativity, when you're coming up with new ideas and ways to achieve your goals, that's giving you hope for the future.

  • Strong Simone – your inner strength also promotes your hopefulness because you know that you can achieve something and you're hopeful that it's going to come to fruition.

So Hopeful Henrietta isn't just a character that sits on her own, she has the backing of all the other characters behind her, but that's what makes it all so beautiful. All the characters are interwoven and they all support each other.

So, if you are really struggling to find hope or to be hopeful, I invite you to do some journaling this week and have a think about and ask yourself, “what is hope for me? What does hope resemble for me? Do I have a great relationship with hope? Do I feel like it's a bit of a wishy washy emotion? Do I think it's a load of garbage?” Really discover what is it that the concept of hope brings up in you, remembering that your Change Journey is all about self-awareness. If you don't have any awareness around what hope is for you, then you really won't understand how you can bring more of it into your life.

So once you have this understanding, then you can start to ask “how can I bring more hope into my life?”. You could do this by drawing more characters to support Hopeful Henrietta or you can do your journaling. Remember this is all about you having the answers to everything within you. So the questions that you might want to ask yourself when you're journaling are:

  • What does hope mean to me?

  • How can I be more hopeful?

  • What are the things that I need to do to bring more hope into my Change Journey?

  • How have I felt in the past when I’ve been hopeful?

  • What is my relationship with the concept of hope?

Really bring your awareness to what hope means for you and then change those answers that you don’t like, shift your perspective so that you can bring more hope into your world.

Don’t under estimate hope. Hope is incredibly powerful… it will bring you positivity, it will help you with resilience, it'll keep you motivated, it'll get you excited. When we are striving for the ultimate goal of bringing more joy and happiness to our lives then, characters like Hopeful Henrietta are the ones that we really want to be embracing, even though they may seem a little insignificant at first.


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