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How to trust your intuition

How to trust your intuition The Change Journey | Intuitive Ingrid

When I started my “spiritual journey” I used to visit clairvoyants all the time they used to say to me “Oh, you're very intuitive”. And I would think to myself “ooh, I have this special gift and I’m someone who is really special.”

Yet what I've learned on my journey is that intuition isn't really special. We all have it. The problem is, most of us don't tap into it. Intuition is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets. And the more you use it, the more you trust it, and the more you trust it, the more it works out for your higher good... and so you use it more often. It's a beautiful snowball effect.

Intuition is this absolute innate ability within us to know what feels right and feels good. It is kind of like a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious. It's really hard to describe what your intuition feels like, for me it's just like this little knowing inside you that whatever it is that you're feeling or thinking or trying to decide, is right. It feels like coming home, it feels like a big warm hug feeling, a feeling of safety and knowing and trusting. If I had to give it another label I would say our intuition is a bit like your instinct.

I use my intuition, all the time. It is so woven into my life that I don’t even make a conscious decision to tune into my intuition anymore, it just happens naturally.

When I have a shower in the morning, I will tune in and have a visual picture of what I look like that day. When I get out of the shower and I put those clothes on, it feels good and I know it's right. I feel confident in what I am wearing. But if I get out of the shower and think I'm just going to put something else on, it never feels right and it's not until I put on what I envisaged in the shower, that I know it's right and it feels good.

You know those times prior to going out when you have a “wardrobe crisis” and you spend 15 - 20 minutes putting on and taking off all these clothes. If you actually just stopped before that and tuned into your intuition and asked yourself “what is the best thing for me to wear today” and when a picture comes to your mind of an outfit and you put that on, you’ll be amazed at how good it feels. Plus it will save you all that time having a wardrobe crisis.

When I park my car, I will visualise where I'm going to park as I leave my house. Inevitably that's where I will find a great spot. It will be close to the lift or out of the rain or whatever I’m looking for on that day.

Even if it's not important, like if I'm just going to the supermarket (we have two levels in our supermarket) and as I’m leaving home I ask myself top or bottom? Then whatever image stays in my mind the most as I’m driving to the supermarket, that's where I'll drive to. At all times I'm trusting the intuition process of telling me and guiding me where to go, which is going to be the best solution for me.

Even if I'm taking the dog for a walk, I use my intuition to decide how many poo bags to take. Normally I take three and sometimes as I'm reaching into the cupboard, I'll just get this little voice inside of me that says “take four today”. So I take four and you can bet your bottom dollar I need four.

These are tiny little instances that you can start doing in your life, to bring in this extra sense of intuition and start playing with it.

Last week, when I was buying my new office furniture, I was in Fantastic Furniture sitting at all these different desks to see which one felt the best. I really liked this one desk and I sat at it and it felt good, but it didn't feel perfect. And so I was like, well, that's interesting because this is the one I saw online and the one I really liked, but it doesn't actually feel 100% perfect. So then I went and sat in another desk, one I hadn’t paid much attention to and it felt perfect. When I stopped to really look at it, I realised the desk matched the other office furniture that I was going to buy so much more than the original desk.

I’ve also been looking for something to put on my walls. I found theses amazing little ceramic pots from Etsy and I had them in the shopping cart ready to purchase. But I always wait 24 hours before I hit the “buy” button due to my lack of patience, and when I went back to it the next day, they didn't feel so great anymore. They felt good at the beginning but something didn't let me hit that buy now button.

So I did a bit more research and realised that the shipping was going to cost an extra $150 to send the pots to Australia (more than what I was going to pay for them). So in the end I decided to just go with some hexagon shelving from Bunnings. And low and behold it felt right.

Interestingly when I went to Bunnings today to buy my hexagons (I needed six) there were only six only the shelf. I had really felt like I needed to go to Bunnings today even though I was planning to go on Friday (my day off), but my intuition was saying, “you've got time today, go to Bunnings”. So when I got there and there were only six hexagons and I bought them all, I smile quietly to myself and give a big thank you to my intuition.

In fact, gratitude is a big part of building your intuition muscle. Each time something works out, say a quick “thank you” and you’ll be reinforcing with gratitude that you want more of these little miracles or synchronicities.

So, if you're somebody who has never ever used your intuition, I encourage you to start, to give it a try. Just start playing with it in safe and easy situations. Then the more you say, “oh that turned out perfectly when I followed my intuition” you'll start following your it more and more.

I totally love it. I love playing with my intuition. I love the buzz it gives me when things are right and when I get things working in my favour. Each time I just smile to myself and it's a really light, happy feeling that you get when you acknowledge something occurred because you followed your intuition.

Everything I do, I do intuitively, it is so inbuilt in me and that's what I really encourage you to do is to bring more of Intuitive Ingrid into your life to just see how much easier things can flow and how much lighter it is to live your life with intuition. Because at the end of the day it's fun, you can have these little giggles to yourself when things work out beautifully and I know you'll love it, so please give it a try.


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