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Optimism and the Law of Attraction

1 x Quick Channel:

Life is not always rainbows and unicorns. It never will be. Stuff will happen and people will get under your skin… however… that doesn’t mean you can’t create an awareness around these things and change your perspective of them. The universe is picking up on all your signals and sending you back more of what you are sending out. So when you are projecting signals of “this isn’t going to work”, “who am I do be doing xyz?”, “Uh, I have to meet so and so and they always annoy me”. Then guess what… that’s what you are going to get more and more of.

However if you can change your perspective, your outlook, your expectations to be more optimistic and more positive, the universe will send you more of that. Let’s take the above examples and flip them “this is going to be so successful”, “I am confident and perfectly equipped to be doing xyz”, “I release so and so from the expectation that I have of them to annoy me”.

Bringing your awareness to your thoughts and expectations of things and events and if they are negative, swap them to positive and watch how your life changes… this is the power of optimism.

1 x Quote from the Book:

"Not everything in life is positive, but everything in life has positive within it."

Nikki Lane

1 x Question for you to Ponder:

How can you look at things and events this week in a more positive light? How can you change your perspective to see the good in everything?



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