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What is spirituality

What is spirituality - The Change Journey | Spiritual Sally

In this post, I thought I’d share what my spiritual my spiritual beliefs are. I don't do it in the book as I didn't want to project my opinions on to everybody, because for me the thing about spirituality is… it's really personal. It doesn't actually matter what it is that you believe in, it’s about having a higher purpose or a bigger belief than yourself that makes things worthwhile.

The definition of spirituality as per The Change Journey book is “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material physical things”. And for me that is definitely where I sit, I don't float around in my spiritual world all the time. I'm definitely grounded in my day to day material working life but I also have this spiritual current running through it, which lightens it. I think it benefits it actually and definitely helps me.

I've had times where my spirituality has really given me the shits and things haven't worked out as I had thought they would. But then I sit with it for a little bit and think about what would fill that space, what would feel like that bigger purpose that I have now? And there's nothing that I can think of. I end up with this really empty feeling inside me, so I realised that spirituality is clearly something that I need and want in my life. So I learn to be patient with it and trust it and know that it's doing what it needs to do, even if I'm not really happy with it.

Let’s be clear though, spirituality is not religion. You can be religious and spiritual, you can be religious and not spiritual. I think for me the difference is, if somebody is religious, they kind of follow this doctrine of what the religion states are the beliefs that you're going to have. What I love about spirituality is, it can be whatever it is that feels right for you. You can decide what it is that you believe in, and you can choose to take on beliefs about what you love.

Do I read my horoscopes? Yes I love them.

Do I look up numerology? Yes, I love it. But do I buy my house based on numerology? No, it's not that important to me.

Do I love looking at the stars and the moon? Yes. Do I have energetic reactions to a full moon or a new moon or a astrological event? No, because I'm just not in tune with that.

Yet there are people who live their lives by these things and that's totally okay because all those people that are in tune with that, that's their thing and that's what they love and that's what's giving them their higher purpose. That's what spirituality is about. It's about having a higher purpose that brings you joy, brings you enthusiasm in life and keeps you going. A bigger higher purpose that allows you to get through the day to day grind.

So it's up to you to find what that is for you… it could be astrology, it could be numerology, it could be shamanic healing, it can be energy healings, it can be colour therapy, it can be art therapy, it can be anything that you want. Just something that gives you this higher purpose of living.

For me, I think I was born spiritual. When I started doing my ThetaHealing it felt very similar to experiences I had had when I was a little girl. So things that I could do when I was a little naturally, I was re-learning in ThetaHealing.

I started my spiritual rediscovery by reading The Celestine Prophecy. Then I dabbled with a few other people’s books; Wayne Dyer, Bruce Lipton, Robin Sharma. Then I discovered Mike Dooley and I was hooked on his Notes from the Universe. I read a lot of Mike’s books. He has a very public persona around his law of attraction and infinite possibilities methodologies but he's also got this huge deep spiritual belief that’s come out in a couple of his books. They gave me more insight into a deeper understanding that was like music to my ears, it was just like somebody explaining to me the alphabet or reading me a fairy tale something that just made sense to me.

Mike's opinions about spirituality beliefs come from the books around The Seth Material. A being called Seth, who was communicating through a lady called Jane Roberts in the 60s and 70s. So, whilst I have loved following Mike Dooley I’m now going straight to the source, and I'm reading Jane’s books.

This is what they talk about and what I believe.

That we are eternal beings that were up there somewhere and are choosing to come back down to earth, in different lifetimes to learn different lessons and to have different experiences. So we're up there and we have this amazing world where everything is possible. But let's say we don't know what anger feels like or we don't know what success feels like. So we choose these lifetimes, we choose who our parents are going to be, we choose who our siblings are going to be and we choose themes for our life plan that says, I'm going to have these experiences so that I can learn x.

So then through that lifetime, we have those experiences. Now that doesn't mean to say that our life is completely mapped out. When you're in this body, you still have freewill. You still have choices and decisions that you make in this lifetime that are going to either bring you fulfilment on your plan or not.

Part of this lifetime is also for us to continually evolve consciously, because I feel like the planet and all of us are constantly evolving. We’re becoming more spiritual and more aware.

We also have soulmates, and these soulmates are people, or other spiritual eternal beings, that we say hey when we're down there I'll meet up with you and we can hang out together and help each other to learn our lessons.

For example; take my husband Scott and I, we are these eternal beings sitting up there and we agree to drop into this lifetime with a pact that we really just want to experience what beautiful love is, in a beautiful partnership.

So we go down and we live our lives, and we've both been married to other people and we both had kids with other people, and then eventually through circumstances we end up finding each other. And at that point we realised that the two of us, as soul mates, had come together. All of this is very subconscious and all very energetic and behind the scenes and you're not really aware of it, but you get glimpses of it.

When Scott and I went on our very first date. We were talking and having a few drinks and we went to order a meal. We were standing in the line, one in front of the other and I turned around to face him to ask him what he was going to order. And it was like a romance movie, you know where it slows down, and the music starts, and you can tell those people on the screen have a beautiful connection. It was like that. Everything stopped and our souls, for that one tiny minute, just connected and said “I see you”, “I’m so glad I’ve found you”. Remember this was our first date, we hadn't even touched each other, we hadn't kissed, we hadn't held hands, we'd done nothing except stand really close together and our souls connected and it was this amazing energy that we both felt.

I technically hadn't discovered my spirituality back then. So, I didn’t know what it was, and he didn't know what it was, but we have both spoken about it since and it was a moment that was so important for both of us. We could both feel the energy shift.

I also believe in multiple lifetimes and know that when I pass on from this lifetime, I'm going to keep going. And I know that when I lose Scott at the end of this lifetime, I just have to wait until I get back to wherever we were, and I'm going to see him again. And I love that because it gives me hope and optimism.

I also believe that if you come down to this life for a lesson and you don't receive that lesson for whatever reason, then you will come back and do that lesson again. So I'm very aware that there are people in this lifetime that I have chosen to be around and I'm not learning the lesson I came here to learn. And I don't think they're learning the lesson either. So I’m guessing we will be together again through many more lifetimes until we learn it… but it won't be in this lifetime. I have come to a place of peace with that and I’m comfortable knowing I have more opportunities coming.

My beliefs bring me joy and peace, they bring me a satisfaction that I have a bigger purpose in this lifetime.

What I encourage you to do is, if you don't feel you have a spiritual belief or something that you feel passionate about, then start investigating, read books, listen to podcasts. Do some journaling and really ask your subconscious what it is that it wants to know… what are the lessons you have chosen to learn in this lifetime? If you keep asking questions, you’ll get your answers. Because remember that as much as spirituality is out there, it's also within you. And if I can give you one message for your Change Journey, it’s that you have all the answers within you, and you can find them easily via journaling.


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